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5 thoughts on “Talk to us

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  3. Susan De Masi

    I am looking for traditional cut puzzles-I notice that cut is not one of the specs listed on your puzzles, would be helpful.

  4. Bob Rizzolo

    I have often heard that Springbok puzzles are reputed to be of high quality. I am here to dispute that, at least based on a recent purchase (January 2017). I immediately returned this 1000 piece puzzle to my local HOBBY LOBBY, where it was purchased, for a full refund. If this puzzle was representative of their attention to quality, then these puzzle brand ratings are totally inaccurate. All the pieces were poorly cut, some pieces large, others tiny. The reverse sides weren’t even flat, and it was nearly impossible to tell if any two pieces were the correct fit; i.e “meant to go together”. This is why I returned it and will not likely buy a Springbok puzzle again!

    1. gbrownjj

      Hey Bob,
      I believe you may have had a rare bad experience with them. We have thousands of customers who absolutely love their quality, unique images and cuts. I hope one day you decide to give them a try, but in the meantime, maybe give Ravensburger a shot.


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