Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

At Puzzle Warehouse, we’ve long supported the use of jigsaw puzzles as a way to spend time with family members and friends affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Not only do puzzles stimulate cognitive thinking and memory thought processes, but they are a relaxing way to start a conversation or simply enjoy time together with a loved one.

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The White House released a statement discussing Alzheimer’s and how it affects millions of Americans every day.

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Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia is an irreversible and progressive brain disease that slowly erodes precious memories, thinking skills, and the ability to do simple tasks. It affects millions of Americans, including senior citizens as well as younger Americans with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. This month, we stand with everyone confronting the painful reality of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis; lend our support to the families who care for them; and renew our commitment to delaying, preventing, and ultimately curing this disease.”

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By Presidential Proclamation, November is the official Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.
In honor of the theme, we’ve compiled some of the best large piece jigsaw puzzles that are great for aging hands and eyes. Several of the puzzles featured here are actually part of the Puzzles to Remember and Puzzle With Me catalogs, both specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s.

Relaxing with Friends Dementia / Alzheimer's Large Piece Roses for You Dementia / Alzheimer's Large Piece Pretty Kitty Dementia / Alzheimer's Large Piece New Country Dementia / Alzheimer's Large Piece



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